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A silent war is going on in the corporate world. Nobody knows when they are being hit, or from where the next raid is coming. War for talent is a reality. The space of growth and enhancement in technology is accelerating. Plethora of creative business ideas and easy availability of capital increases demand for talent. Even as the demand increases the supply is quickly shrinking. The most important corporate resource of this decade is talent. To remain successful, organizations have to get creative in hiring and work hard in retaining their talent.

From the wars during of Alexander to the modern wars, victory goes to the one who has speed, technology and preparation. Every recruitment assignment is like a battle. We are geared and ready for the raid. After more than 10 years of recruitment support to our top-notch clients we are like any war veteran – mature to handle any recruitment assignment.


Head of Business Finance and Strategy
- Bangalore.
Exp : 8-10 Years

Head of Real Estate
- Bangalore.
Exp : 8-10 Years

- Bangalore,Hyderabad,Pune.
Exp : 3-10 Years

SFDC Developer/Lead
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-11 Years

Technical Solution Architect
- Bangalore.
Exp : 9-15 Years

Netbackup Admin-L3
- Bangalore.
Exp : 7-12 Years

Storage(Netapps+Hitachi) Administrator
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-10 Years

Android Lead
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-8 Years

Automation testing
- Bangalore.
Exp : 4-6 Years

EMC xPression
- Bangalore.
Exp : 3-4 Years

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Staffing refers to manpower resources being hired on a contract or Long term basis. Symbiosis offers a viable staffing option by providing prompt solutions.
Symbiosis is a well established, professional agency with a dedicated team of expert recruitment consultants serving the whole of the world.
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