Since our foundation in 1994, we have established ourselves as a highly professional recruiting organization. Over the years we have built a deep understanding of our client’s requirements and have built a robust delivery mechanism to help our clients bring on board the best person for job.

The road to success has not been easy. We have seen several peaks &valleys and challenges in business in the last decade. We have been a part of Hiring blitz also when companies were shutting shop and fear of pink slips lurking around the corner. During all these stages we have kept our head high. We have learnt from every event, Raising our bar of quality and imbibing the best practices all along.
What we assure our clients is thoroughness of execution with senses of urgency for every assignment, Excellence in Client service and integrity. We have demonstrated Relentless commitment to quality and ethical standers.

Our strength lies in continually streamlining and improving our process. Over the years we have aggressively built up our systems, process and technology which are crucial to speeding up recruitment cycle. We have always increasing our recruitment bandwidth through acquiring new technology, though choosing our consultants and Providing the right training for continuous improvement .

Currently our team is headed by Mr. Louis Paulose. He is an alumni of international Management institute, New Delhi. He has an industry experience over 15 years. The recruitment team comprises of nearly twenty five highly motivated and qualified professionals.


Head of Business Finance and Strategy
- Bangalore.
Exp : 8-10 Years

Head of Real Estate
- Bangalore.
Exp : 8-10 Years

- Bangalore,Hyderabad,Pune.
Exp : 3-10 Years

SFDC Developer/Lead
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-11 Years

Technical Solution Architect
- Bangalore.
Exp : 9-15 Years

Netbackup Admin-L3
- Bangalore.
Exp : 7-12 Years

Storage(Netapps+Hitachi) Administrator
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-10 Years

Android Lead
- Bangalore.
Exp : 6-8 Years

Automation testing
- Bangalore.
Exp : 4-6 Years

EMC xPression
- Bangalore.
Exp : 3-4 Years

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