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However, Xu Jie did a few days to feel dull , tho charlestown chiefs se things by the book of the old Chinese medicine , Chinese medicine taste unpleasant , tedious and mono cheap chiefs jerseys tonous life diagnosis made ??him very uncomfortable , he spent comp chiefs jersey laini chiefs new jerseys ng, complaining abou kc chiefs jerseys t work , tired of life . A few months later, he is still even the most basic medicine , " look, smell , quest ioning " will not even h ave to find the exact patient 's pulse , let alo ne go out a decent prescription it. Worse is that Xu Jie not only did not realize their " unrealistic ", but everywhere assumed the trappings of graduates of prestigious universities , argume ntative tie senseless, lamented that her underappreciat ed . Result , naturally, is Xu Jie was swept out patient department .
A philosop her once said: " Substances and ambitious young people most likely to co mmit two errors , also contributed to th e reason that they found n othing ." Xu Jie is obviously because this mistake was fired units .
In our work can be found in many of the " do not go well " peopl e, one b y one they grumble because of the work of disgruntled and low self-esteem and just . In fact they themselves are complaining about is not the cause of their unemployment most important reason. On the contrary, the behavior of this complaint just shows that they are unlucky situation of their own maki ng . Cope with the biggest victims of their own work , which is why many men twenties , though well educated and talent ed , but not lon g- term improvement reasons .
We twenties , easy to hold the ir own high expectations that their own k nowledge and competence, should be engaged in some decent job, to get attention. But in fact, had just entered the community of young people, due to lack of work exper ience , can not be entrusted with the task , naturally, will not work if th ey are perceived as decent . However, whe n the boss asked him to do s hould be responsib le for the work, he began to complain up: " I ??was not hired to do this live ." "In my abilities how to do this was arranged s mall live it ? this is not overkill it ? " minimum loss of work responsibility , irresponsible , and just the work done c rudely u nbearable .
Many times, we have no choice , such as birth , job, salary , death ; many times , we ar e also , you ca n choose , such as despair , or positive, such as is the love that he has done , or because they do not like it but perfunctory it . Because no choice , we h ave learne d to be p atie nt , tou gh, learned how to face suffering , but al so learned how to change ; Because you can choose , we can face the destiny to explore and actively explore their own values, find their own sky.

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